This is uft, looking for singular canon pokémon urls.



there’s a program named keybv, created by a programmer named kaphotics, that helps you view hidden information about a pokemon. it’s not a “hack,” it simply helps you view data you cannot see in normal gameplay in pokemon xy. anyone can use this program (if you use mac, run it on wine or bootcamp, etc)

here’s the program:

the data you can view includes ivs, evs, ability, nature, egg shiny values (esv), and trainer shiny values (tsv). so this is why shiny values are significant: your trainer id and secret id (you cannot see the latter in your game) generate a tsv. an egg, when it is generated, is assigned a random esv. if someone hatches an egg with an esv that matches their tsv, the egg will hatch as a shiny pokemon

so how can you find people that match up with the eggs you want shiny? go over to /r/svexchange on reddit ( which is a community based around shiny hatching

you can find someone to hatch your egg, but please also consider giving back to the community by posting your tsv on that subreddit and offering to help hatch eggs too. the more people who post their tsvs and offer to help out others, the EASIER it will be for EVERYONE to find matches for eggs and not have to go through more breeding just to get new ones. take a glance at their rules before doing stuff there though

p.s. yes this is the sequel to instacheck

It’s not about ruining the excitement you got from finding a pokémon url it’s just about having some justice. The actual owner wasn’t even asking you to give it back, he was available to make an agreement with you giving you something in exchange. Imagine you were in his place. You go to sleep one day with a very much prized url you got fair and square and then the next day the person you were sharing it with deleted and let the url go (and someone grabs it) while you were sleeping. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy with it. I’m friends with the old owner that’s why I was speaking for him. If I somehow offended you I’m sorry but I don’t really enjoy when this kind of stuff happens. It’s just not fair for him, you know?

uft, send me canon offers


I’m telling you  rawanime it’s usually not like this at all. These two came out of nowhere and to be perfectly honest (and I’m sorry if I offend any of you) most people only got scammed because they were asking for it. They became too delusional that they were actually getting good pokémon urls but those have been out of reach for a looong time. Seriously when they first came to my inbox like a month ago with an offer of two rare and good canon urls I immediately doubted it because I knew for a fact that celebi was inactive so there were no chances that they were the actual owners of it. It’s just a matter of being cautious and not blindly trust people. Just an example it’s not always bad: I recently traded with someone here (like yesterday) and everything went okay and we’re both very happy.

It’s not always like that, at all. Scamming wasn’t truly a thing on this tag before. People could and would snag urls when (for example) someone was changing it to a secondary blog but that was about it.

Also if firefly doesn’t has sliggoo then who da fuck

I know it was yet again ‘stolen’ but who had it during the whole giveaway thing? (And who is the asshole who owns it now?)

The person who stole sliggoo is shit, simple as that. Take a lesson from this. When moving your url to a sideblog do it at a completely random time and without really announcing it because there will always be people hulking around waiting for their chance to snag it. It also helps that you’re relatively fast and you keep both pages open at the same time (say the settings page of your main blog and the settings page of a secondary blog you already had created).